At Equally Wed Pro, we teach wedding and event professionals the steps for building an LGBTQ+ client base, creating community with LGBTQ+ friendly creatives, and easily updating your marketing and business communication and training to be more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community.

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"I am blown away by the attention to detail and relevance to today (even citing social media presence) that Equally Wed has infused into their LGBTQ+ certification course. It's a compilation of everything that I (as a queer nonbinary wedding vendor) have wanted everyone at the weddings I'm working to understand, and then some, and a diving into history and equality that I didn't even realize I didn't know. Kirsten breaks it down in a kind and non-intimidating way, but also holds tight to her values and anti-discrimination convictions. I'm taking away so much, and feeling ready and hopeful for the future of the wedding industry. This course is not only a resource, but a must for anyone who wants to serve their clients as an ally, safe person, or member of the LGBTQ+ community."

Jamie Carle
photographer, Portland, Oregon

In Equally Wed Pro's LGBTQ+ Inclusive Certification Course, you will learn

1 // The ABCs of LGBTQ+
2 // Marriage equality around the globe (+ why it matters to your business)
3 // Elements of LGBTQ+ weddings + proposals
4 // Best practices with LGBTQ+ clients
5 // Gender-neutral word choices
6 // How to be inclusive without feeling fake
7 // Attracting LGBTQ+ clients
8 // Building your business with LGBTQ+ clients
9 // How to talk about pronouns, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression with ease

Tools included while you earn your CIP (Certified Inclusive Professional) credentials:

1 //  Two hours of educational videos broken into digestible segments that you can watch at your own pace
2 // An online multiple-choice exam
3 // A 25-page study guide with glossary 
4 // VIP customer service

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Speak the language of love

You're in the business of love, and it's time everyone knows that you authentically celebrate all couples. Let Equally Wed Pro teach you how.

Get certified in inclusivity

Graduates of our program receive Equally Wed’s seal of recognition as a certified Equally Wed Pro ready to serve the LGBTQ+ community.

Grow your business

LGBTQ+ couples prefer to hire professionals who've taken the time to understand how to serve them. Once you learn the nuances of the LGBTQ+ community, you'll be able to take your business to new heights.

Elevating the Industry

There are no real barriers to enter our industry. While this allows people from all different walks of life to become a wedding and event professional, it opens our industry up to potential misunderstandings, accusations of discrimination and even lawsuits. LGBTQ+ Inclusive Certification by Equally Wed Pro is the differentiating component for our industry. EWP LGBTQ+ Inclusive Certification demonstrates to your clients that you have made a lifetime commitment to understand and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community as well as demonstrate your commitment to equality and inclusivity.


Premium Education

Equally Wed Pro boasts the gold standard in educating wedding and event industry professionals in LGBTQ+ inclusive service. Our knowledge comes from 10 years of in-depth research and involvement in the field of LGBTQ+ weddings around the globe across all segments of society from education to race to religions to socioeconomic status to zip code. No other certification program offers the breadth of knowledge, international expertise and insight that Equally Wed does.

Judgment-Free Zone

We’re not about shaming and blaming. We are all at different stages of our lives and our learning but we’re here for one common goal: to make the wedding industry more inclusive. And that starts with us. But you’re not here to get scolded on what you’re currently doing or not doing, just what you can do better in the future. And that’s why we’re here for you, to work together.

Everyone is welcome here.

Let's get started!

Learn how to be inclusive, celebrate equality and make a difference while growing your business.

Learn how to improve your interactions with LGBTQ+ clients

LGBTQ+ people from around the world agree: We enjoy working with professionals who show us respect, acceptance and empathy. You probably think you're doing enough but we promise you. There's much more to being an equality enthusiast than just being open to working with us. Let Kirsten and Maria Palladino and Equally Wed Pro teach you everything you need to know to make your wedding business more LGBTQ+ inclusive.


Understanding LGBTQ+ inclusivity on a deep level has never been easier.


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Earn your LGBTQ+ inclusive certification from Equally Wed Pro with our online course. Study at your own pace and graduate with an honorable recognition from the No. 1 LGBTQ+ wedding company.