The most comprehensive education to grow your LGBTQ+ inclusive and affirming wedding business.


What is Equally Wed Pro's LGBTQ+ Weddings Certification Course?

Taught by Equally Wed and Equally Wed Pro cofounder Kirsten Palladino, our LGBTQ+ Weddings Certification Course is the gold standard of training programs for heart-centered wedding professionals who want to grow their values-driven business with intentional inclusivity and knowledge-based affirmation of the entire LGBTQ+ community.

Whether you have some experience with LGBTQ+ weddings, are hoping to work with LGBTQ+ clients (and our allies) or even if you're in the community yourself, our step-by-step training gives you all the tools and support you need to understand and celebrate each segment of our often misunderstood and frequently mistreated population.

As a world-renowned expert in LGBTQ+ weddings and wedding equality, Equally Wed cofounder Kirsten Palladino has helped more than 500k wedding pros learn how to be authentically LGBTQ+ inclusive and affirming. We'd be honored to help you, too. ❤️

Before we tell you more, let's make sure you're a good fit.


You are right for Equally Wed Pro's LGBTQ+ Weddings Certification Course if you want to improve your value and worth to your customers (and their guests) by offering an inclusive and affirming experience with your business, build a legacy of authenticity and integrity, and establish trust with the LGBTQ+ community. 

LGBTQ+ Weddings Certification Course is right for you if you want to build a business that allows you to relax about getting it "right" with the queer community because you've invested in fact-based education from Kirsten Palladino, the wedding industry's leading LGBTQ+ inclusive educator, to teach you everything you need to know to make your business LGBTQ+ inclusive and affirming in 2024 and beyond. 

If you are...

✨ A wedding pro who wants to attract LGBTQ+ and allied clients who have LGBTQ+ loved ones

✨ A savvy business person who wants to build their wealth by being true to their values and you're looking for guidance on how to do so in an authentic way

✨ An equality enthusiast who knows there's so much they don't know about the LGBTQ+ community and is excited to learn new things and also unlearn some unhelpful things

✨ A love champion who's concerned by the overwhelming amount of discrimination happening in the wedding industry and wants to be a safe and welcoming person for the LGBTQ+ community

✨ An inclusive and friendly wedding or event professional who is ready to go from a generic "I welcome everybody" attitude to "I welcome everyone with the latest inclusive, accessible and affirming practices of all sexual orientations and gender identities so that there's never any doubt as to my capability of and enjoyment of serving the entire LGBTQ+ community"

You're in the right place! 

The LGBTQ+ Weddings Certification Course will give you the tools, unparalleled knowledge, inspiration, confidence and support to build and grow your successful and trustworthy LGBTQ+ inclusive and affirming wedding business.



Picture yourself with more...


You don't have to constantly worry about saying the wrong thing when you are educated and knowledgable about the full scope of LGBTQ+ weddings and broad spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community.


Book more couples and marriers of all identities and orientations by learning how to turn your inclusive values into an inclusive and affirming experience for your customers and their guests.


Finally face your fears of publicly standing up for a marginalized community that you care about (and watch your business soar as you attract like-minded professionals and clients who also value equality).

Equally Wed Pro's LGBTQ+ Weddings  Certification Course is a robust learning program with 6 hours and 5 modules of on-demand video training, lessons and worksheets covering:

đź’ˇ How to define your core values
💡 Determining your goals
💡 The ABCs of LGBTQ+
💡 Understanding gender, sex, gender identity and gender expression
💡 Pronouns (how and why to use them and respect them)
💡 Challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community
💡 The business of inclusivity
💡 Gender-neutral word choices
💡 Key elements of LGBTQ+ weddings and proposals
💡 Best practices with LGBTQ+ clients
💡 Gender-neutral word choices
💡 The building blocks of an inclusive, affirming and accessible website
💡 Creating a DEI statement for your website
💡 Social media strategy
💡 Writing contracts
💡 Inclusive marketing
💡 Building a network of like-minded inclusive pros
💡 Inclusivity in the workplace
💡 Hiring and training your inclusive team
💡 Pitching your LGBTQ+ work to media
💡 How to be inclusive without tokenizing
đź’ˇ Attracting LGBTQ+ clients
💡 Building your business with LGBTQ+ clients
đź’ˇ Creating accountability for yourself
đź’ˇ Mastering difficult conversations with colleagues, clients and guests


You get all of the above plus free lifetime access to our wildly popular mini course, How to Create an Authentically Inclusive LGBTQ+ Styled Shoot, to help you create the marketing content you'll need to grow your LGBTQ+ inclusive business.



Tools included while you earn your LGBTQ+ Weddings Certificate:

  1. Six hours of educational videos with closed captioning that are broken into five sections and short videos that you can watch at your own pace
  2. An online multiple-choice exam
  3. Downloadable workbooks and resources
  4. VIP customer service

What you'll get throughout and after the course:

  • An invaluable comprehensive education in LGBTQ+ weddings, inclusivity and accessibility
  • Certificate of completion
  • Badge for your site and marketing materials
  • Private Facebook group membership to connect with alumni
  • Lifetime access to our exclusive certification program materials
  • Early bird specials on premium offerings with partners
  • VIP customer support
  • A community of LGBTQ+ inclusive wedding and event professionals
  • The knowledge to grow your business in the LGBTQ+ wedding market

By the end of this course, you will have ...

Discovered Your Goals and Values

to guide you in your business decisions throughout the course and well beyond (so you can always lean on them when trying to decide what the next right thing is to do)

Learned How to Expertly Serve LGBTQ+ Clients

without worrying about saying the wrong thing because you’re updated on the most inclusive way to talk about sexual orientation and gender identity, and apply that to every aspect of your business

Crafted Your Diversity and Inclusion Statement

for your website in order to convey your inclusive and affirming values so clients never have to guess where you stand or ask you if you know how to or are willing to work with LGBTQ+ weddings or clients who have LGBTQ+ loved ones

The Tools to Create Your Inclusive Marketing Plan

that allows your heart-centered business to attract highly qualified leads and book your dream clients because now you know what to say and what images to use

A Well-Rounded Understanding of LGBTQ+ Weddings

including the intricacies of proposals, wedding parties, families, ceremonies, florals, attire, receptions, jewelry, decor, honeymoons, vows, stationery, photography, videography, venues, planning, entertainment and more

Transformed Your Business From Accepting to Inclusive and Affirming

fwhich, when paired with the tools and actionable strategies you learned in this course, makes sure that the LGBTQ+ community and our allies can trust you and your staff to treat them not only with politeness but with authentic inclusivity, genuine affirmation and enthusiasm

Ready to be LGBTQ+ Weddings Certified?

Book more LGBTQ+ weddings. Earn the trust of the LGBTQ+ community. Stop guessing, and start knowing. Join an elite community of inclusively minded wedding pros who are raising the bar for the wedding industry and not only demanding full inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community, but are also making sure they're offering it in every way in their own business. Is that you? Click below, and let's get this party started!