Want to tout your inclusivity? It all starts with your CIP (certified inclusive professional) credential.

Equally Wed Pro's LGBTQ+ Inclusive Certification Course is the next step in your growth as a business person. When you graduate from our in-depth diversity and inclusion course, you earn your CIP, the Certified Inclusive Professional credential. The benefits of the CIP are multitiered. Go beyond just saying you're "LGBTQ+ friendly", and give your clients the gift of authentic inclusivity and true understanding of their community. Once you have your CIP, you are qualified to:

Be prepared

You'll know better than anyone how to work with LGBTQ+ weddings and other special events.

Signal to the world

Add CIP to your signature, marketing materials and business cards to showcase your inclusivity.

Join a new community

Take part in Equally Wed Pro's private Facebook group of other CIPs

Show your badge of honor

Display your LGBTQ+ Inclusive Certified badge

Ready to lead?

Imagine learning more than you ever thought possible about the LGBTQ+ community and being able to grow your business because of it. Are you ready to do the work and spread love and equality?


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