Equally Wed Pro proudly partners with the following organizations to offer our LGBTQ+ inclusive education tools and programs to the wedding industry.

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Legally Set

Legally Set is an online contract template shop for wedding pros.

Our contracts aren’t like fast fashion clothes that become unwearable after just 3 washes. They’ve been crafted to stay in your contract arsenal for the long haul because we update them regularly to match current laws and to address common situations we see amongst our clients and small business owners in general. Plus, they’re adaptable as your business grows.

We wanted to give you an experience with our templates similar to what it would be like working 1:1 with us — but for a fee that’s less than our hourly rate! Our templates are an easy and affordable way to set up your business’s legal foundation.

Leah’s been a licensed attorney since 2005 and Kunbi since 2010. We’ve both been small business owners for 10+ years and worked in the wedding industry for a decade. That means our contracts are the product of industry-specific knowledge and decades worth of wisdom.

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Rock Paper Coin

Rock Paper Coin takes your business to the next level with a beautiful and fun way to send contracts and invoices, store and share documents and accept online payments. With incredibly low fees, you finally get to keep more of that hard-earned money in your pocket (where it belongs!) instead of losing it on high CC processing fees and expensive monthly rates.

Rock Paper Coin is a user-friendly platform (for both you and your clients!) and is compatible on both mobile and desktop. Skip the long setup times and confusing tools; getting paid has never been faster, easier, or more fun!

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🌐 rockpapercoin.com