"It enlightened me to all the ways in which we, as a culture, are exclusionary with our language. Now I see it literally everywhere."

—Meghan Spencer, Spencer Studios

"As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community I have known about Equally Wed since I planned my own wedding. As a wedding planner I always knew that I wanted to make sure I engaged in trainings Equally Wed offered. Everything was clear and easy to understand. As someone who consults on these issues and has a masters degree in education with a focus in social justice, equity and liberation and who currently also works in a gender equity center, this was all really good information. I appreciated the way it was laid out and easy to digest. Very accessible."

—Sara Blair-Medeiros, Rainbow Weddings & Events by Sara

"This course helped me to become a better ally by better understanding the definitions and various possibilities of perspectives."

—Ashley Peters, The Stylist Abroad

"The course felt thorough and comprehensive. It was easy to understand and absorb and was presented with grace for anyone just learning or unfamiliar with any particular topic. One of my biggest takeaways was learning more about how the trans community would like to be communicated with and the terminology that the community prefers to work with."

—Cayla Cummings, Carhart Photography

"I love how thorough this course is with lots of examples relevant to different vendor categories from venues to photographers, etc."

—Nina Larsen Reed, Larsen Photo Co.

"I am blown away by the attention to detail and relevance to today (even citing social media presence) that Equally Wed has infused into their LGBTQ+ certification course. It's a compilation of everything that I (as a queer nonbinary wedding vendor) have wanted everyone at the weddings I'm working to understand, and then some, and a diving into history and equality that I didn't even realize I didn't know. Kirsten breaks it down in a kind and non-intimidating way, but also holds tight to her values and anti-discrimination convictions. I'm taking away so much, and feeling ready and hopeful for the future of the wedding industry. This course is not only a resource, but a must for anyone who wants to serve their clients as an ally, safe person or member of the LGBTQ+ community."

—Jamie Carle, Jamie Carle Photography

"Being open to LGBTQ+ couples is not enough. We as wedding vendors must also receive specific educations from resources like Equally Wed Pro and also our local organizations to understand the unique, local context. Then we can serve the couples and the community better."

—Wannida Kasiwong, Wonders & Weddings

"I love the fact that this course exists!! Knowing that people are dedicating their time into creating important coursework like this for our industry, and that folks are taking the time to be involved in the conversations, feels like a warm hug."

—Sam Malandra-Myers, Emily Chelsea Jewelry