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Creative LGBTQ+ wedding ideas for your clients

One of the reasons working with LGBTQ+ couples is so much fun is because it often calls for tons of creativity. Couples must morph heteronormative traditions into ones that work for them, and as such, LGBTQ+ couples don’t often feel tied to doing things in any specific way. There are so many creative ways LGBTQ+ people can get married. Here are a few suggestions you can give to couples who are looking to get both creative and inclusive. 

A Double Aisle

If a couple doesn’t want to walk down the aisle together but is having trouble deciding who will walk first, a double aisle is an increasingly popular choice for LGBTQ+ marriers. That way, they can walk at the same time, but still separately. Typically, the aisles begin in opposite corners of the room and angle toward one another, but of course, it is up to each couple how they want to design the room. 

Pronoun Pins

Offering pronoun pins to guests is a fantastic way to throw an inclusive wedding—and it doesn’t have to be reserved for LGBTQ+ weddings either. Not only do pronoun pins eliminate any misgendering and allow guests to proudly declare who they are, but they are also another opportunity to create an adorable wedding accessory.  Check out Gabby and Moe’s wedding for some chic pronoun pin inspiration. The couple not only provided pins, but also an explainer defining pronouns. 

LGBTQ+ Ceremony Readings

If an LGBTQ+ couple asks you for reading suggestions for their ceremony, make sure to be prepared with ideas tailored to them. While the Supreme Court decision that legalized marriage equality is a popular choice, there are so many more love poems and readings by LGBTQ+ writers. Do your research so you don’t make heteronormative suggestions.  Click here for a few great options.

Pride Flag Send-Off

This one will depend on whether or not the couple you’re working with is excited to incorporate elements of Pride into their wedding. Some couples don’t want their celebration to be focused on their sexuality, while others are all about those rainbows. And of course, many are somewhere in between.  If the couple is open to it, a Pride flag send off is one great way to infuse a little rainbow fun into the day. At the end of the night, guests can wave rainbow flags and cheer as the couple exits the venue.  

Other Subtle Nods To Pride

Aside from a send off, there are plenty of understated ways to incorporate LGBTQ+ pride into a wedding. Couples could wear shoes with rainbow soles, cut into their cake to reveal a rainbow interior, wear or pass out rainbow pins, incorporate “Love is Love '' signage, play songs by LGBTQ+ music artists, raise money for an LGBTQ+ organization, and so much more.  The possibilities are truly endless, so if your couple is into it, don’t forget to help them brainstorm ways to show a little Pride. 

Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Like pronoun pins, gender-neutral bathrooms are a great way to be as inclusive as possible to guests. This is another idea that does not have to be specific to LGBTQ+ weddings. Remember: LGBTQ+ people are everywhere, and your clients may have LGBTQ+ loved ones and friends at their weddings.

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—Molly Sprayregen


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