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Radical Wed Retreat offers rest and relaxation to wedding pros

Wedding industry pros are some of the hardest working folks around, especially when they're also doing double duty fighting for social justice and equity in the wedding industry. Enter the Radical Wed Retreat, a workshop for wedding pros happening November 12-15, 2019, in Austin, Texas.  

Led by planner and stylist Justine Broughal of Together Events and photographer Jamie Carle, Radical Wed Retreat is geared toward creatives and wedding professionals who seek to or are conquering the social justice space and integrating parts of that into their businesses.

  Karla Villar and Mary Sommer, styled shoot from 2018 Radical Wed Retreat, photo by Lauryn Kay
"It's the end of summer and the end of wedding season," states the Radical Wed Retreat site. "You are burned out, in need of creative rejuvenation, and to find your people. We got you. Spend 3 nights, 4 days in Austin Texas with us."

Nourishment from 2018 Radical Wed Retreat, photo by Jamie Carle

The food alone should make you want to book. Here's what Justine writes about the meals: "We are so excited to have Mary-Beth from Heart of Celebration with us! Mary Beth will 'make every single meal at the retreat an act of resistance, resilience, and celebration of the survivorship of Latin America. At every meal, we'll honor the country and culture's who's food we're about to partake in. We'll take space, silence, and palo santo to honor the deaths of enslaved and colonized people throughout Latin America, and confront the messy histories that have led to their rebuilding today.' See more of her work and find inspiration for your own meals at Heart of Celebration.

 Photo by Jamie Carle
Last year, Once Upon a Vow's Karla Villar and her girlfriend Mary Sommer were the stars of the styled shoot and inspirational video created by the team in attendance.
Karla shared this about her Wedding Pros United in Love and Action talks at the retreat: "On our best days, we are in the awesome business of celebrating love and relationships. On our worst, we are making money off of an institution that continues to exclude and oppress countless of human beings, possibly even us or those we love. Both are true every day and for those of us that notice the incongruity of it all, we're eager to find ways to align our values—our vision—with our work—our practice.
Jen Siomacco, editor-in-chief, Catalyst Wedding Co. speaking at the Radical Wed Retreat, 2018, photo by Jamie Carle
"Dearest Radical Wedding Retreat fam, let's get ready to do the work we're being urged to do. Let's have the open and honest conversations about who we are and who we, as a collective, strive to be in this lifetime. This industry needs us to unite and push for more and for better and so does the world at large.
"We are the wedding professionals of tomorrow using our creativity and collective power to shift the existing paradigms that divide us and uphold the status quo. This will require us to go beyond the surface-level corporate training sessions we may be used to and be open to embrace discomfort for the sake of growth, both personal and professional.
"Our time together will challenge our thinking and strengthen our ties. It's meant to get us to a starting point so we can go beyond reflecting what we are used to seeing in the world and actually start creating an entirely new vision for what the world will be. So, be prepared to engage.
"We honor every person joining us! While we may have different journeys and levels of experience talking about diversity, equity and inclusiveness, WE ALL need to build up our competency and confidence with the type of discourse that will actually break down our biases and push us to use our privilege for good. Let's do this together!"
Radical Wed Retreat is $750 and includes  
  • Catered Meals from Heart of Celebration, styled by Together Events
  • Tour of POC and womxn owned businesses in Austin
  • Flower Crown Workshop
  • Self Care Offering Night
  • Private Pool
  • Villa Dance Party
  • Discussions/workshops around feminism/equity & inclusion in the wedding industry (speakers TBD)
  • Sleeping Accommodations (may be asked to share a bed!)
  • Gift bags

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Karla + Mary in Seaside, Oregon from Elizabeth Mealey on Vimeo.




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